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Simply put, we provide Christian Yoga classes

by inviting Jesus to our yoga mat!


By quieting our minds and becoming physically still, we can meditate on Biblical truths and start a conversation with God through intentional prayer. 


Grounded in Scripture, every Atoning Yoga class contains a "breath prayer" that is inspired by a Bible verse and repeated throughout the entire practice.



My first experience with yoga was a meditative yoga practice in 2002 while I was at a summer intensive dance program. As a believer, I didn't resonate with the "breathe in the light and breathe out the smoke" cues, and instead, found myself praying the entire class. Thinking yoga wasn't for me, I waited 6 years before trying it again.


In 2008, I attended a hot yoga class and I found the stillness and quiet I had been longing for in my busy, stressful life. For the first time, I found myself slowing down long enough to focus my inward thoughts UPward instead of on myself. I prayed throughout the entire class and God revealed to me that what I said my priorities were and what I lived out were two different things. I was so excited to find a new "quiet time" that refreshed me both physically and spiritually. 


I continued to practice yoga but eventually grew tired of having to "tune out" each instructors' life guidance in favor of my prayer time with God. I spoke with several other Christ-followers and I found I was not alone in my longing for a physical yoga practice that was based on Biblical Scripture and infused with purposeful prayer. In 2010, I prayed that God would make it impossible for me to use my skills and talents in business without talking about Him. The result: Atoning Yoga born! 


Since then, we have produced 4 DVDs: Extending Grace (2012), Releasing Control (2013), a prenatal Christian yoga DVD called Embracing Motherhood (2014), and an intermediate level practice in Experiencing Freedom (2016). In 2015, we began offering yoga classes in the greater Austin, TX area.


As the business continues to grow, I look forward to sharing how Christ continues to mold and shape me as I devote time to Him and His Word on my yoga mat.



Lauren Terwilliger

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